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Frequently Asked Questions

30 Day Price Lock Guarantee?

Our price lock Guarantee gives you the assurance behind the satisfaction of your quote. If the value of your phone model drops, you will receive the amount promised in your quote until the 30-day expiration.

Can I send more devices not quoted?

If a product is not listed on our webpage then; unfortunately, we are unable to take that specified model. Due to such a high demand with the smart-phones that we do accept, older models may not pass regulation.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

During the time of purchase you are able to choose if you want to receive a prepaid label and box sent to you, this package entails a padded envelope for safe transport. You also have the option of printing your own label and using your own box if that is what you would prefer.

Do I send just the phone? What about my accessories?

All of your accessories are yours to keep (headphones, cases, etc.) although, vital components such as your battery are supposed to be sent along with your cellular device.

Is tracking available for order status?

Yes and it’s as easy as selecting the “Order Status” tab at the top-right hand side of our page.  Simply input your Order I.D. and you will be granted access to track your transaction.

Should I remove my SIM card from my phone?

Yes, your SIM card holds unique information that enables your device to belong to a specific network. Removing this card will help get the phone back to its default factory setting.

Which electronic items does buy? is interested in your new or old cellular devices! We wish to buy your broken phones and put cash back in your pocket so you can get a new phone and perhaps sell us some more in the far future!

Which shipping methods are being used?

We use the United States Postal Service to get your product moving as fast as possible!